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Here's Exactly How Yoga for Surfers Will Help Your Surfing 

First, yoga works on the physical level to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and coordination. That means you'll be able to surf longer, with more energy and endurance. No more cutting a session short because of fatigue or aches and pains.

Second, yoga works on the mental level to help you develop focus and concentration, absolutely essential for performing well on the waves. You'll learn to tune out distractions -- even in a crowded lineup -- and enjoy your own special relationship with the ocean.

Third, yoga works on an emotional level to help you stay calm and relaxed, focused and free -- even in the most demanding situations! That means you can paddle through that clean-up set and face heavy surf feeling calm and confident. You'll survive any wipeouts much more easily.

Finally, yoga works on a spiritual level to help you deepen your connection to nature! As surfers, we thrive on the energy of the ocean. We feel totally alive when we experience the thrill of being one with creation. Yoga helps you remain present and aware so you deepen that experience.

"We feel a stronger sense of peace"

We would like to thank everyone involved with Yoga for Surfers. It has changed -- and is still changing -- our lives! Every day we feel a stronger sense of being and a sense of peace that wasn't there before. Thank you so much -- we greatly appreciate everything you've done to make it such a perfect program!

Jack and Kathy Frisbee

Monterey, California

"I look forward to this part of my day"

Thank you for putting together such excellent videos. I have recommended them to my close friends. I like them so much that I am hoping someday you might do alternate versions of levels I and II. In any case, I say,"Namaste" and a big ,"Thank you Peggy, David, Rochelle, Taylor, musicians, and film crew" after each session! My best and my love to all of you

Winnie Moore

Seattle, Washington

"It completely changed my life"

I purchased YFS a few months ago and I must tell you that it completely changed my life! I do yoga everyday with your DVDs and I love it. I get up in the morning and my body just tells me that's what it wants. I really feel great everyday after doing yoga and my surfing has just made a huge jump! I've extended how long I can surf, and I'm not sore afterwards, and the way I can move now just blows me away. My flexibility is incredible! Thank you so much!

Devin Morgenstern

Boca Raton, Florida


"Get it, use it, and your surfing will improve ." ~ New Zealand Surfing Magazine

What is Yoga?

Yoga simply means union or connection -- a sense of wholeness, of oneness, of being connected to the very essence of life.

Yoga is not about twisting yourself into a pretzel or executing a perfect pose. In fact, no flexibility is needed! Yoga is more about awareness, about experiencing what is going on in the present moment, so you can actively participate in this thing called life!

Yes, you'll become more flexible, more calm, stronger, sleeker and healthier. But some of the most amazing benefits of yoga can't be seen -- they can only be felt.

And what you'll feel with yoga is a deep sense of well-being and conscious awareness that brings each moment into razor-sharp focus. In other words, no more sleepingwalking through life -- instead, you'll feel more aware, more alive -- both on the waves and in your everyday life.






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