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Read what YFS Graduate Janna Sky (Canada) said about the YFS TT 2012 training, then sign up for the YFS-TT Preview call below!

Janna and fellow trainees Sarah and Jenny filled with joy!

"Follow your heart! ask yourself & sincerely listen to your heart answer. If an instant pull towards saying yes to life, yes to an unforgettable journey and yes to changing your life for the better is what you sense...GO FOR IT! Don't hesitate! It is one of the best things I have done & given myself! I now have the strength, courage & wisdom to face anything in life, with acceptance, gratitude & Joy! Do it Do it Do it!!! It's Epic!!! ;)"

Don't Miss Out! Fill in your name and email address below to reserve your spot for the Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training Preview Call! The call is fun, informative, and a chance to get all your questions answered!

 From Emilie Daillere (France):

  "Even if you are not sure if you want to teach yoga, you have to attend this training...You will learn so much about you, your body, your mind... A real transformation. You will have the keys to better enjoy your own yoga practice and also to be able to share more easily your knowledge/experience in yoga with your friends, relatives or any other people." 

From Mary Wimmer (Arizona):

If you’re undecided about applying ask yourself, “Why am I questioning the opportunity to meet some incredible, energized, passionate individuals who are like-minded and connected in so many ways?  Why would I pass up this fantastic opportunity to create more options in my life?  Why wouldn’t I want to spend time in world class surf breaks with world class people?”  The list goes on – if it sounds like you’re interested just do it!!!  No compromises, no regrets!! 

What are you waiting for? The call is 100% free and you can find out if this is something that's a good fit for you or not.

Don't let another year go by where you leave your dreams behind...instead, take my advice and "Ready, Fire, Aim!" Action is the easiest thing in the world -- it's the regrets of NOT doing something that is hard.

Wishing you all the best on your journey to become all that you are called to be!

~ Peggy (with YFS TT Graduates 2012!)