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Yoga for Surfers II: Fluid Power Yoga

*** Please note that Yoga for Surfers II THIS is currently available only as a download ***

Click to preview /order instant download

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make a download purchase, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we can send you valuable bonus gifts as our thanks to you!


A fast-paced conditioning routine, perfect for staying in shape between swells! Many YFS-ers tell us this is their favorite DVD of the series.

Featuring: Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard; Filmed in Hawaii and California

BONUS: Powerful Techniques to Increase Lung Capacity!

This surf-specific workout program includes:

(1) Spinal Warm-up: Increase your flexibility for surfing while learning the basics of "vinyasa flow", surf yoga style! This is a short warm-up, perfect when you want to get the body moving and head out the door!

(2) Vinyasa Flow: Practice a series of sun salutations, adding new poses with each repetition. This will give you greater endurance for surfing and help you surf stronger, with more energy! This is the bulk of the program, one nice fluid sequence building poses one upon the other.

(3) Balancing Poses: Improve your balance and mental focus with challenging and fun balancing poses. You'll increase your coordination and concetration in order to surf better and catch more waves! For more of a balance challenge, try these poses with your eyes closed!

(4) Relaxation Sequence: Calm your mind and body as you unwind and relax. Stretch your back and hips for more flexibility. This is the most important part of the practice, so be sure you don't skip it! Lie back, close your eyes, breathe, relax, focus and enjoy!

BONUS: Powerful Techniques to Increase Lung Capacity: Learn four different yoga breathing techniques thare are guaranteed to help you surf with more endurance and learn to stay calm during wipeouts! You learn unusual ways to practice breath retention, stretch and exercise your lungs and strengthen your abs in the process! This alone has made a huge impact on my surfing...and also my mental calm.

PLUS! "Best 5 In-Between Rides" Laminated Reference Card

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Running Time: 70 minutes

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  All YFS DVDs are formatted to play in Australia, Europe and worldwide!