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Yoga for Surfers I

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER -- Buy 1 DVD, get another DVD of same title for FREE! 

Purchase any of these Yoga for Surfers® DVDs and we'll ship you another copy as our gift to you!

Example: Buy Yoga for Surfers 1, and we ship you two copies. Perfect to give as a gift or share with your surfing mates to share the stoke! 

SPECIAL NOTE: Only put "1" for the quantity at checkout and we will send you 2 DVDs of the same title! If you put "2" in the quantity at checkout, we will send you 4 DVDs, and so on!

We have never done this before, but we are going digital, so it's time to clear out the remaining inventory of physical DVDs.

This is your chance to get your hands on what will be collector's items!

Also a great opportunity to stock up on the physical DVDs as gifts, premium itesm to share with friends, family members, teachers, co-workers, etc.

No limit! This applies to all of the YFS titles (except YFS 2, which we are already sold out of.) If you purchase a 5-pack, we send you a second 5-pack! (Note: YFS 2 is digital copy only: we send you the 4 physical DVDs below and a link to download YFS 2)

Perfect if you're new to yoga or you just want a nice stretch!

Featuring: Peggy Hall, Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard; Filmed in Hawaii and California


(1) Pre-Surf Session: Flexibility and Focus: A perfect surfing warm-up, this flowing routine awakens and energizes the entire body. Even though this routine is perfect for those new to yoga, we move through the poses pretty briskly because it's designed to warm up your body before surfing. The idea is to get the blood pumping, the circulation flowing, and the mind and soul focused on a great session!

(2) Water Session: Energy and Confidence: These are yoga stretches you can do on your surfboard to stay loose, warm and focused between sets. Learn a couple of *key* tips for catching more waves -- just by the way you sit on your surfboard! Also, you'll learn a neat "mudra" or hand pose that is thought to help focus your energy and attention. Try it and see how it works for you!

(3) Post-Surf Session: Stretching and Rejuvenation: This sequence is done entirely on the floor for a really relaxing routine to calm your mind, rejuvenate your body, and shorten your recovery time between surf sessions. It's designed ideally to do at the end of the day (or after your surf session) with deeper stretches to help heal your back and get rid of aches and pains. Many YFS-ers tell us this is their all-time favorite sequence! (I like it too, but I'm partial to the post-surf sequence of Yoga for Board Sports, too, when it comes to rejuvenating, relaxing poses.)

BONUS Footage: Interviews with Taylor Knox and Rochelle Ballard

PLUS: "Best 5 Post-Ride" Laminated Reference Card

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Running Time: 70 minutes


(1) Order physical DVD shipped to you

Price: $24.95 (for single DVD+ Best 5 Card) 

(2) Or, save money when you Order the Complete YFS 5-Pack (includes valuable bonus gifts + "Best 5" Card Collection and FREE wworldwide shipping)

  All YFS DVDs are formatted to play in Australia, Europe and worldwide!

(3) ORDER DOWNLOAD of Yoga for Surfers 1 -- click to preview /order instant download

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you make a download purchase, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we can send you valuable bonus gifts as our thanks to you!