About Peggy Hall

After suffering from years of shoulder tendinitis, Peggy was facing surgery and a long recovery out of the water. Thanks to her hubby's insistence to try yoga (yes, he got her into yoga!) Peggy discovered that not only did her shoulder heal but her surfing improved dramatically. Looking for a surf-specific yoga video but finding that nothing like that existed, Peggy set about to become certified in yoga so she could share the stoke of the life-changing benefits of the practice...and now, more than 10 years later, she has positively impacted thousands of surfers the world over who share her mantra, "Breathe - realx - focus - enjoy!"

"The moment of being on a wave is so fleeting -- yet so thrilling -- that you want to experience it again and again, no matter how many waves you catch!  Like surfing, yoga gives you a glimpse into what it is to be in that place of utter freedom – completely outside of the boundaries of time, constraints, obligations and expectations -- just powerful, alive, open and free!" ~ Peggy Hall, Yoga for Surfers Creator
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Introducing Peggy Hall’s

Yoga for Surfers Ambassador Club


Are you ready?

...to open yourself to life?

...to follow your dreams?

...to share your gifts with others?

...to live your life as a reflection as your soul?

...to drop any self-limitations and soar?

Then welcome to your chance to get my ongoing support, guidance, information and inspiration so you can move ahead and take the action needed to live the life of your dreams!

The Yoga for Surfers Ambassador Club is an exclusive group designed only for those who have completed a YFS Teacher Training program and who are serious about building a profitable mind/body business that contributes to the well-being of others. You’ll save years of trial and error (and thousands of wasted dollars in costly mistakes).

Over the next five months, you'll learn more of my secret gems so you can more effectively and enthusiastically serve your community as a YFS Ambassador and share the yoga + surfing stoke!


Here’s how you’ll benefit:                                            Actual Value

√   One “live” yoga class (via mp3) every month                       $150

      for additional teaching ideas and sequences

√   One live phone call per month with Peggy                           $497

      focusing on a specific aspect of building your business

√    Listed as an approved Yoga for Surfers Ambassador             $27

      with your photo and website links on YFS website

                                    Actual Total Monthly Value:             $674

Even at that price, you would receive excellent value -- but, as a graduate of the YFS Level 1 Teacher Training, you qualify for one of the following options. Simply choose which level of membership you'd like and click to enroll directly:

Basic Ambassador Club Monthly Membership -- $57

VIP Ambassador Club Monthly Membership -- $97

(VIP membership includes 30 minutes monthly of private consulting with Peggy via phone, Skype or email; $275 value)

Ambassador Club Website Listing Only -- $9.95

Dues are charged monthly for a period of 5 months. You can cancel at any time with a written request. You may also change your level of membership at any time by sending your request via email. Can't make the exact time of the monthly call? No worries! You'll get access to all the recordings so you can listen and learn at your convenience!

Begin doing what you want to do now.

We have only this moment,

Sparkling like a star in our hand

And melting like a snowflake.

Let us use it before it is too late.

~Marie Beyon Ray 

“Build a Better Business” -- Series 1

Each month in a detailed live 60-minute phone call with me, you’ll get the exact steps I personally have used to create, develop and spread the vibe of Yoga for Surfers (and Peggy Hall Wellness) all over the world! We’ve sold more than 125,000 copies of the YFS videos worldwide, and I’ve written more magazine articles than I can count! I’ve appeared on over 300+ radio interviews, dozens of TV shows and countless personal appearances. Now – for the first time ever! – I’m going to reveal my secrets to success so we can ALL more easily and effectively drench the world with our positive message of health and happiness!

October 20, 2010: Branding Secrets 

Having a website is not enough! You need to clearly determine what makes you unique, and even more – how to communicate that clearly to the world! You’ll learn how to set yourself up for success both online and in person. Tips and tricks for websites, blogs, business cards, logos, colors. There’s more to it than meets the eye! You want people to think of you FIRST!

November 16, 2010: Growing Your List

Don’t make the mistakes so many others make! Get my little-known secrets for developing and growing your own “tribe” and how to communicate with them effectively so they’ll stay engaged – and spread the vibe to even more people!

December 10, 2010: Secrets of Selling

Remember, “selling” is not a dirty word! It’s a way of sharing your gifts with others so you can raise the vibration of the universe! How much to charge, how to collect money, secrets of making “irresitable offers”. Learn the language of selling so people feel compelled to act!

January 10, 2011: Publicity Secrets

How to get the word out --- without spending a dime! Learn the BEST way of easily promoting yourself and helping your community as well!

February 10, 2011: Partnerships and Sponsorships

Imagine getting a year’s worth of Lululemon clothing …for free! Billabong, Arnette, Marika clothing, Oregon Chai are just a few of the sponsors I’ve worked with. How to partner for success. It’s easier than you think – when you know what to say and how to go about it!


Looking forward to helping you soar!!

And with deep gratitude for your trust …and excitement for your amazing future,

Peggy (And crew!)

Let's keep the stoke alive so we can better spread the YFS vibe!!

P.S. Don't worry if you can't make the call live. You'll get direct access to all the recordings so you can play them at your convenience and deepen your learning via valuable repetition!

P.P.S. I'm not sure if I will ever repeat this series, since I'll be quite involved in developing future trainings and retreats. So...please grab the chance to join us now! Even getting just one good idea each month will more than pay for itself, I promise!