About Peggy Hall

After suffering from years of shoulder tendinitis, Peggy was facing surgery and a long recovery out of the water. Thanks to her hubby's insistence to try yoga (yes, he got her into yoga!) Peggy discovered that not only did her shoulder heal but her surfing improved dramatically. Looking for a surf-specific yoga video but finding that nothing like that existed, Peggy set about to become certified in yoga so she could share the stoke of the life-changing benefits of the practice...and now, more than 10 years later, she has positively impacted thousands of surfers the world over who share her mantra, "Breathe - realx - focus - enjoy!"

"The moment of being on a wave is so fleeting -- yet so thrilling -- that you want to experience it again and again, no matter how many waves you catch!  Like surfing, yoga gives you a glimpse into what it is to be in that place of utter freedom – completely outside of the boundaries of time, constraints, obligations and expectations -- just powerful, alive, open and free!" ~ Peggy Hall, Yoga for Surfers Creator
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You won't believe who else is doing Yoga for Surfers 

Ever since we came out with Yoga for Surfers a few years ago, we've heard from thousands of people who have used YFS to stay in shape not only for surfing, but for snowboarding, kite sailing, windsurfing, kyaking, running, swimming, tennis, mountain biking -- and anything else you can imagine!

"I love it for wakeskating"

I absolutely LOVE Yoga for Surfers and have recommended it to several of our friends, most of whom are athletes, a pro slalom waterskier and semi pro soccer player...

Peggy the YFS III dvd is so great!!! I just got done w/ the program and actually did all the poses for the first time AND did the breathing work out after it... I love it and mentioned it on a wakeskating discussion forum as a super tool for training. The coolest thing of all is one of our fellow wakeskaters lives in Tahiti and had been talking w/ Garrett McNamara about the dvd and had just ordered it... it was too cool!

Sawyer D.

    "I use it for tennis, and the flexibility I had in my 20's is back!" 

Your great Yoga for Surfers DVD's have been an inspiration to me! It’s now been just shy of a year and the results not only with surfing but my other passion, tennis, are remarkable. I feel stronger and most importantly, the flexibility which I had in my 20's and 30's is back!! Surfing year round in New England, especially in winter when water temps hit 38 degrees demands a lot of flexibility. I use your breathing exercises and the yoga breathing at work, during big tennis points and always when I am paddling back out to the lineup.

Any more videos on the horizon? I am wearing them out!

Keith B. Kyle, Esquire

Newport, Rhode Island

    "I'm currently surfing a mountain bike"

Several chiropractors have all but begged me to try yoga, so I got your video. I am currently “surfing" a mountain bike -- I tried a few other videos after that, but none of the other videos transferred over as well as yours.

Chris Motes

Golden, Colorado

    "I'm a stand-up paddle surfer"

I am a 60 year old longboarder and stand-up paddle soul surfer. I have enjoyed YFS for about two years. It has greatly improved my flexibility and strength while helping release those nagging pains accumulated over five decades of surfing. Thanks, keep up the excellent articles and news letters.

Ted Davis

Bakersfield, CA

    "YFS helps with my snowboarding"

I LOVE Yoga for Surfers, it is the best yoga program I have found on dvd yet and it really does make a difference. I was practicing yoga almost everyday for a month before going surfing in Tofino BC and it did help me. It definitely helps with flexibility, strength and helps me to centre myself and calm my mind which I need. The temperature is changing here in Whistler and snowboarding season will start soon enough and I look forward to seeing the benefits and how the yoga for surfers will help me with snowboarding. Many pro snowboarders here in Whistler also practice yoga for surfers.

Yours truly,

Lisa Storoshenko

Whistler, British Columbia

    "It makes a difference in our running"

The program is great. We do a lot of running too and find that the yoga really makes a difference in lengthening muscles that have contracted from running. It's a shame we can't mail order some waves for summer too! Cheers,

Aaron Thomas

    "The breathing exercises help my Dad, who's 75"

I thought I'd tell you about my Dad, who's 75, a keen runner and at least once a month does some sort of fun-run between 6-10 miles and annually competes in a half marathon. Just over a year ago, he went to the doctor because "something was wrong...he was getting breathless running uphill". There was nothing physically wrong, but Dad knew that something wasn't right: the breathlessness caused quite alarming whoops and gasping noises!

Anyway, I showed him your powerful breathing techniques, which he has practiced every day since and the breathlessness or, more to the point, the desperate noises went away.

On, on he runs.

Kind regards,

Cathy King

    "My boyfriend is a swimmer and relies heavily on your DVDs"

My boyfriend bought YFS I and has been using it for a while and loves it. He was a swimmer at TCNJ and relied heavily on your yoga DVDs to keep his muscles long and lean. He let me borrow it and I loved it so much I bought the whole set for us to share. Looking forward to more great products!!!

Liz G.

Ventnor, New Jersey

    "My mom doesn't surf but she loves the surfing footage and poses" 

I have your YFS videos and my mom was watching me do it and she fell in love with the program. She wanted her own immediately. She's not a surfers but she loved the surfing footage and poses, not to mention the teacher. Peggy is awesome and very inspiring. Thank you!

Serina Hayes


“Yoga for Surfers applies to everyone – whether you’re a desk jockey, a surfer, or even a soldier.” Coast Magazine

    "I'm starting to convince some of the Marines to give it a try"

I'm a Marine over here supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. I've got the YFS dvds with me and they are an outstanding way to relieve stress and stay in shape. I'm starting to convince some of the marines to give yoga a try. Thanks for the motivation and a great product.

Semper Fi,

Ryan Dranginis 1stLt.


    "It must have been quite a scene to have big burly Marines doing yoga in the desert!"

My sons are surfers (right now in Costa Rica) but one of them, Ryan, just got back from his second tour in Iraq with the Marines, where he used your DVDs to stay in shape. It must have been quite a scene to have big burly Marines doing Yoga for Surfers in the desert of Iraq!

Frank Dranginis

Smithfield, Rhode Island

    "It's really helped me out a lot in dealing with this deployment"

I just received the Yoga for Surfers DVDs and I thank you for your appreciation. I'm a solider deployed to Iraq. I've done the program a few times now and wow, it's a great workout. But it's inpsired me to continue and try harder so I can make that change you mention during the "fit" portion of YFS III: Unleashed. So I want to thank you for creating these DVDs, it's really helped me out a lot in dealing with this deployement. Very Respectively,

Lyle Johns

SPC, US Army, Iraq

    "We start our shifts with a workout with Peggy"

I am a firefighter from the City of El Segundo and some of us use Yogaf for Surfers for the purpose of relieving back pain as a result of our job and of course the benefits of stretching and exercising. We start our shifts out with a workout with Peggy (I hope she doesn't mind!). Thanks for a great product.

Mark S.

Moorpark, California

    "It has been the miracle cure"

I've had lower back pain for about 12 years. I'm a surfer and I work for the LA County Fire Department. About three years ago I injured it really bad on a fire. The orthopedic told me that if I don't start doing something they will have to operate. I have been doing YFS at the fire house and home three times a week for about two years now. After about three months of doing your dvd I seriously felt no pain. My back feels like it did when I was 18! I always recommend it to the guys on my job. Many have come back to tell me what I already know. It has been the miracle cure. As long as I stay consistent with it I have no discomfort. Thank you so much!

Dave Hayley

Los Angeles, California

    "We used to make fun of the guys...but not now"

I work for a SoCal fire department. We have a mandatory physical fitness program. A couple of guys were getting ready for a surf trip to Indo and they were using YFS as part of their workout. After making fun of them, a group of us gave the routine a try, the combination of core strengthening, balance and flexibility is just what this FatOutOfShapeOldGuy needed to maintain and improve his back health.

Great website,

Alan Dearden

Southern California 


When you practice Yoga for Surfers, you'll increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, mental focus and calm. This translates into more waves, longer sessions, and more pure stoke for the ride!

If you're serious about improving your surfing fitness and flexibility, about getting rid of aches and pains and surfing with as much energy and endurance as possible, then you'll want to get the Complete Yoga for Surfers Program -- and see for yourself just how fit, focused and fearless you can be -- on the waves, and in your life!

YOUR CHOICE! Do nothing, and keep surfing the same way, or...

When you purchase downloads, you save $12.95 per title (including shipping) -- $24.95 for international orders outside of USA. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make a download purchase, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we can send you some valuable bonus gifts as our thanks to you!

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Looking forward to helping you get more fit, focused and fearless on the waves -- and in your life!

Creator, Yoga for Surfers

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