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Don't worry if you've never done yoga before -- Yoga for Surfers is accessible to anyone, regardless of age or fitness level! 


How is Yoga for Surfers different from other kinds of yoga?

I created Yoga for Surfers as the first-ever surf-specific yoga program that takes the best of hatha yoga and applies it directly to surfing.

A recent review from explained it like this:

"Peggy Hall’s surfing and yoga background merge in beautiful unison … allowing a great blend of yoga training and core strength building while illustrating where each and every pose can positively affect surfing and paddling techniques. As the DVD progresses, the home practitioner can see how each stance and pose can improve their surfing and balance, increasing the chances for continued practice for any surfer. After all, the goal is to surf longer, surf better, surf stronger … Peggy Hall delivers this nicely."

Read more reviews here.

Can't I get the same results at the gym?
Well, you can go the gym or get a personal trainer or run on the beach or do endless crunches – but it's better to train in a way that translates directly to surfing. (I personally love to swim and hike and do circuit training for strength...but yoga is different.)

Yoga teaches you how to remain more present and connected to whatever it is you’re doing at the moment –- whether you’re paddling out, dropping into the biggest wave of the set, or experiencing a two-wave hold-down – you remain open to the experience, calm and relaxed.

You trust yourself to surf bigger, faster waves.

You begin to surf with more energy and ease.

You'll survive wipeouts without panicking and experience more pure stoke for the ride! 


Why buy Yoga for Surfers instead of going to a class?

  • You'll save money, save time and save frustration by going to a class that might not suit your needs

  • There's no need to drive to class or pay for multiple yoga classes
  • You can practice at your own pace, on your own time, doing as much or as little of the program as you like.
  • No need to feel awkward going to a yoga class that might not be your style

  • Pause - rewind - review! Custom-create your own program if you prefer to suit your own particular needs

  • It's like having your own personal yoga instructor 24/7
  • You'll experience ongoing motivation and inspiration, so you can surf better -- and live better!

For about the same cost as a trip to the chiropractor (which you probably won't ever need again!), you can get the entire Yoga for Surfers program that you can use forever!


"The best part is I can do the videos at home"

Just wanted to let you know that I go through your routine every time I surf. Before yoga, my surfing had hit a plateau and I wasn't getting any better. I am convinced that my surfing ability and performance in Bali and recently Kauai is dependent on my yoga practice. I'm faster, more limber and able to surf better in the tube.

For me, the best part is that I do the videos at my leisure in my own house and not in a class. This way, I can practice without interrupting my day and I can integrate it better into my life rather than in a class that I force myself to go to every week.

Spiritually, it is something that I wish to practice to know myself better. Your program allows me this luxury and for this I cannot thank you enough.

Mark O'Donnell
Carlsbad, California

"It's great to have something to do on my own time"

My friend in South Africa has the DVD's and she told me about them. When I was back home visiting I checked them out and loved it. While I will continue going to class its great to have something to do on my own time at home!

Thanks for sharing the joy of yoga with so many people!

Lindsey Muggleston
Avon, Colorado

"Definitely the best way to practice at home"

Thanks for the effort that goes into the routines. I have gone to yoga classes for a couple of years now and they are some of the best routines I have done, and definitely the best way to practice at home. As well as my surfing and snowboarding my rock climbing and running have definitely benefited from regular yoga practice.

Tom Poyser
Lancaster, England


What if I’m not flexible enough to do yoga?
Don't worry -- yoga isn’t about twisting yourself into a pretzel or executing a series of perfect poses. Yoga is about experiencing the pose in a state of calm awareness and conscious breath. In fact, you're the perfect person who will benefit from yoga because it will improve your flexibility.

Won’t I get hurt?

Quite the opposite! Yoga helps you prevent and heal injuries. You’ll learn to relax and listen to your body.

How do I know yoga will work for me?
With four programs to choose from, you can mix and match, working you way through the different levels. I designed Yoga for Surfers to be a comprehensive system, so you will continually improve and evolve. Plus, if it's not what you want, send it back and you'll get a full refund, so there's no risk for you at all!


"I like Peggy's style of teaching"

I've tried several yoga videos with varying degrees of interest and results. But YFS draws me in; calms and energizes me, and keeps me interested. I like Peggy's style of teaching. Thanks for producing an ocean-oriented video that suits my surfing-based lifestyle. I recommend it to everyone I know who's interested in keeping their body and mind ready for the next surf session. Aloha!

Katie Pearson
Seattle, Washington

"It was the first video that felt right for me"

I was just getting into yoga so it was actually the first video I've seen that felt right for me. Since then I have gone to various classes and rented several videos however nothing seems to compare and your video is exactly what I'm looking for. 

Thank you for making your videos available to the public. Without your videos I might not enjoy yoga as much as I do -- actually I might not be into yoga at all. Next week I am leaving for Costa Rica to surf for two months so I will be sure to show it to anyone interested and pass on your web site to people I meet.

Michelle P.
Ontario, Canada

"The instructions are clear and concise"

A few months ago I had the entire Yoga for Surfers collection sent to me here in Australia. I just wanted to take the time to write to you and let you know how happy both myself and my partner Mark are with the DVD's. They are wonderful! We do it religiously every day. The instructions are clear and concise and Peggy, you are a huge motivation when at times all you want to do is give up (i.e..The Plank!!).

I am an ex-triathlete coming back from a particularly nasty injury and the yoga has not only helped with getting my body into back into better, but also my mind as it copes with the challenges that rebuilding your body back from injury can bring. But mostly, just knowing that you are still doing some form of exercise that is beneficial to your surfing on the long flat spells that we experience here in Perth during summer can take away the frustration that these days can bring!

So thank you so much,
Lisa Cotellessa
Perth, Australia


Why should I buy all 4 DVDs right now?

You'll benefit the most by learning a variety of poses that will get to all those areas that need attention. Our bodies adapt quickly, so you want to make sure that you have plenty of variety in order to keep progressing. I specifically designed the programs so that each DVD is completely different, yet they complement each other. Even if you're new to yoga, you'll be able to progress at your own pace. You also save substantially over buying each title individually -- and, you get FREE bonus gifts and FREE shipping (limited time only) with your 4-pack order!


"I decided to buy the whole program"

I'm not a surfer but I'm a snowboarder and was looking to get into yoga with a focus on improving balance (as well as general strength & fitness). I tried YFS II, then YFS III and loved them so much that I decided to buy the whole package. I'll probably be buying another set soon for my dad, who is a surfer.

Jenny Brown
Cambridge, MA

"I like the way Peggy speaks. She doesn't annoy me like most DVDs"

I LOVE YOUR DVD, I am actually a snowboarder/mountain biker in the summer who lives in Whistler BC. I moved to Maui for a year to study massage and learned how to surf. Now I travel four months a year to go surfing. Even thought your dvds are for surfers, I still enjoy them weekly.
I just like to the way Peggy speaks. She doesn't annoy me like most
other dvds.

keep the great work,
Whistler, British Columbia

"The YFS DVDs can easily be used over and over"

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the YFS series! It was a perfect way to get my boyfriend doing a bit of yoga. The beautiful music and excellent instruction is relaxing and helps you take the time needed in each pose, with just enough instruction - you don't ever feel you are being ordered around or given too much instruction.

I think it is amazing how you have managed to ensure the instructions are clear but you don't feel it is aimed at the complete beginner - I have used DVDs in the past that are so focused on the first time user they are frustrating to use more than once or twice, whereas the YFS DVDs can easily be used over and over. It's perfect when there are no good classes available, especially when I am on windsurfing / surfing / snowboarding trips.

One of the many wonderful aspects of YFS is its total portability. It is also nice to know that everything in there is directly aimed at your needs as a surfer.

Kind regards,
Caroline Radway
Cornwall, England

When you practice Yoga for Surfers, you'll increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, mental focus and calm. This translates into more waves, longer sessions, and more pure stoke for the ride!

If you're serious about improving your surfing fitness and flexibility, about getting rid of aches and pains and surfing with as much energy and endurance as possible, then you'll want to get the Complete Yoga for Surfers Program -- and see for yourself just how fit, focused and fearless you can be -- on the waves, and in your life!

YOUR CHOICE! Do nothing, and keep surfing the same way, or...

When you purchase downloads, you save $12.95 per title (including shipping) -- $24.95 for international orders outside of USA. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you make a download purchase, please send an email to [email protected] and let us know so we can send you some valuable bonus gifts as our thanks to you!

  • Click here to purchase physical DVDs shipped to you

Looking forward to helping you get more fit, focused and fearless on the waves -- and in your life!

Creator, Yoga for Surfers

P.S. For a limited time, you'll get free valuable bonus gifts with your digital download purchase or your YFS 4-pack!